It all started in a logic class where Shawn was looking around for a place to sit. He felt this “internal nudge” to go up and sit in one of the front rows between these two girls. Listening to that nudge, he sat down and was introduced to Lauren’s (future) roommate, Mallory. She invited Shawn to come over and hangout but purposely failed to mention that Lauren was going to be there. Mallory also told Lauren that she invited one of her friends over and that Mallory thought Lauren + Shawn would be really cute together!

After hitting it off, Shawn + Lauren started dating. On Christmas day, Shawn wrote a journal full of “chapters” that were filled with stories from when they met, highlights of their dating years and also stories of memories to come/stories that didn’t happen yet and gave that to Lauren as a gift. It was only until the following month that he gave Lauren the last chapter of the “book” which was titled – she said yes!

Shawn + Lauren – Thank you for such a fun time together in the coffee shop and also at your engagement session! I cannot wait until your wedding at the beautiful Cameron Estate Inn! ahh It’s going to be good!! Enjoy my favorite images! xoxo!!

elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0002 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0003 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0004 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0005

that ring!! wowza!elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0006 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0007 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0008 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0009 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0010 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0011 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0012 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0013 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0014 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0015 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0016 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0017 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0018 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0019 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0020 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0021 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0022 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0023 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0024 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0025 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0026 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0027 elizabethtown_engagement_photographer_0030

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