It’s hard to believe that another “winter downtime” is almost over and that wedding season is just around the corner!! Around this time every year, I’m beginning my search to find second shooters for my wedding days! I absolutely cherish my KRP Couples and do my best to serve them well in all areas of business and finding the perfect second shooters to assist on weddings are super important to me!Second shooting is a great outlet to be in the creative field and it’s also the perfect opportunity to interact and meet so many amazing couples! Second shooting was such a key factor for me in getting experience and my “foot-in-the-door” when I branched out and started booking my own weddings. The hands-on learning and the one-on-one coaching was absolutely priceless and so valuable!

So here we go!! The search for 2017 second shooters begins and I cannot wait to see how this year plays out!! This is a paid position and would love to bring on one “full-time” second shooter, or 2 shooters to split the year if needed! Wedding days are 9 hours shooting, plus any traveling time to arrive to the venue(s)! To get started, here are the basic responsibilities of a second shooter:

  • Carrying gear and helping to set up any equipment if needed.
  • Assisting during Family portraits; gathering family members and calling out names of individuals
  • Shooting 9 hour wedding days with me, but from different angles. (I will instruct you on this!)
  • Assisting during any miscellaneous tasks; clearing the getting ready spot, running to the car for any items, etc.

Also listed below are specific requirements that I need in a second shooter:

  • Full frame DSLR. Nikon preferred or Canon DSLR.
  • External flashes. OCF setup and experience preferred.
  • Variety of professional lens; prime lens and 70-200 mm preferred.
  • Access to a car on wedding days and driving yourself to weddings, also must be willing to travel.
  • Decent photography portfolio and wedding day experience.
  • Willing to book half or more of the wedding dates.
  • Modest attire, happy and positive attitudeĀ at any time of the day is a MUST!
  • Obnoxious laughing, pathetic dance moves and behind the scenes bloopers are also encouraged ;)

If you feel like you fit these responsibility and requirements, I would LOVE to hear from you!! Wedding days are so fun and I always have a blast with my second shooters!!

——- >You can apply HERE! <——

Have more questions? You can email me here:!

I can’t wait to hear from you! xo!

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