Working through college while working at Wawa, she met Matt who was a very quiet guy. Thinking she was crazy, Steph knew that one day she was going to marry him, a.k.a. her manager. Only 4 1/2 years later, she was right!

Spending her 2nd vacation with Matt’s family at Hilton Head Island, they decided to stroll down along the local stores because in Stephs words, “I can’t help but want to shop and Matt takes me to the beach to do so!”.  Stopping mid-way, she hears Matt calling out her name. So like anyone does, she turned around to see Matt down on one knee. “My first thoughts were “OMG, I’m in yoga pants and a long tee” Steph said. After saying yes of course, she didn’t fail to mention about the outfit she was wearing while he proposed.  “He smiled and said “I will always love you for who you are. You are beautiful no matter what you are wearing”. <3!

Matt + Steph – Thank you for such a FUN afternoon. I absolutely LOVED working with you guys and am thankful we still get to be pen-pals for quite a while yet! ;) And you know I cannot wait for your wedding next year at Riverdale Manor!! XO!

pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0002 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0003SO PRETTY STEPH.pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0004 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0005 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0006 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0007but really – how cute is that dress? pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0008 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0009 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0010 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0011heels<33 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0012 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0013 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0014 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0015 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0016 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0017 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0018 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0019 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0020 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0021 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0022 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0023when your clients suddenly turn into runway models…like oh okay.pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0024 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0025 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0026so. much. laughter. THANK YOU MATT <3 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0027pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0028 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0029 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0030 pa_classic_wedding_photographer_0031

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