Quite honestly – I’ve semi-dreaded this blog post for the SOLE REASON of knowing how hard It would be to come up with the perfect words to express my GRATITUDE to Courtney + Lavon for planning out literally a DREAM session, with AMAZING outfits, the SWEETEST hospitality that someone can give and for trusting *me* to document it all.. already feeling so speechless.

The day started with our (my husband got to come along on this trip!!<3) beautiful drive to Maryland. Upon arrival we were greeted by Lavon and introduced to her family members as they were prepping lunch for all of us! It was the perfect way to relax before jumping right into the session since we had about an hour to sit and consume our lunch by the bay! After completing a little warm up session at the bay house, we all jumped into a smaller boat and pulled a canoe along to our next location!! I must say it certainly was a little tricky working with a boat and canoe and grabbing photos as we both kept floating around each other!! But none the less.. no one fell in AND it was definitely worth the work!! :)

Boating back to the bay house from the secluded canoeing area, we upgraded boats and boated to our next location: a YACHT. Seeing that each time we upgraded our boat size, the yacht was certainly a site to see. I mean seriously, it was unbelievable!! I’m pretty sure during our quick tour my mouth was just wide open the whole was SO awesome!! Laughing, sweating and chatting our way around the yacht we headed out for the LAST location which included a brisk mile walk out to a lighthouse where Lavon previously proposed. It was the perfect location to watch the sun disappear over the water, leaving behind the prettiest sunset to the most incredible day!! <3

Lavon + Courtney – there really are no words to express my *deepest* gratitude to you and your family for ALL the hard work you put into making this session a total dream!! For treating us to lunch, to the boat rides and to getting us on a yacht and for even blessing me with a flower bouquet to go home with.. I’m so humbled and so so grateful for you both!! I will NEVER forget this day that we spent together and the friendship that is only getting started. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.. so grateful for you both!!! xo!

classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0002 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0003 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0004 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0005 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0006 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0007 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0008 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0009 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0010 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0011 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0012 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0013 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0014 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0015 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0016 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0017 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0018 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0019 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0020 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0021so pretty courtney!!! classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0022 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0023 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0024 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0025 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0026 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0027 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0028 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0029 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0030 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0031 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0032 classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0033the most perfect sunset for the most perfect night.. <3classy_perryville_maryland_engagement_session_0034




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