We met at one of Lancaster’s most known cafes, Prince Street Cafe, for coffee, smoothies and small talk. Within minutes of interacting with Kevin + Jeanie I knew that I was in for a fun evening ahead! We walked all around Lancaster city, stopping in at another coffee shop between outfit changes and found our way to the top of a parking garage, where some of my new FAVORITE engagement images were captured!! As soon as the elevator doors opened, we were greeted with the beautiful cityscape and we suddenly felt like we were no longer in PA.

Kevin + Jeanie are so down to earth and easily one of the most outgoing couples too.. which made us instantly connect (and made my semi-extrovertedness self SO HAPPY!). It truly was one of the most joyful evenings and I absolutely loved how much laughter took place during their session!

K+J – You guys were SO fun to work with and if your engagement session was THAT fun, then your wedding day will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!! You two are perfect for each other and I’m so thankful that I get to follow you around for another whole day on August 6th!! :) xo!

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