One thing that maybe isn’t a well-known statement about me is the fact that I don’t really like big changes. My comfort box is one that I’m very familiar with and I like to keep it that way. However, I’ve learned that in order to grow.. things have to change. And thankfully, this time it was for the better!! haha!! I wish I had images of my first office that I had in my parents basement where Kelsey Renee Photography started out of but that was before my blogging days! Just picture this – gray walls, dark furniture, and one accent wall that was gray and white chevron from side to side and top to bottom (hey, that was IN back then! aka 2011. Also I should give full credit to Zach who completely free handed the whole design!! It was really incredible and definitely made a great conversation starter!;)) As I got married and moved out of my parents house and at that point being 4 years into business, I knew I still needed to have my own office area that I could work out of and keep everything together in one space.

Enter KRP office 2.0! There’s no doubt that God hand-selected this very house for us and gave us 2 bedrooms; One for Zach + I and the other for my business. It works perfectly! (I know you’re already thinking ahead to kids and yes, I already have that planned out for when that time is needed! haha! This room will become the nursery and my office will move to our 2nd living room that isn’t used as often!) After a lot of trial and error of trying different branding colors and shooting and editing styles, I can say that I feel I have finally found “me” and my style. Because I’m a natural light photographer with a “light and airy” editing style, it only made sense to breath that exact same style into my office plans! Remember my first office I described? Now you’ll see the updated version of my office and it’s ALL WHITE AND TAN. And it’s the ONLY room in the house that isn’t “colorful”. (my husband isn’t a fan of the “all white” look and so we had to meet each other in the middle and so the rest of the house has color! I told him he can just shut the door if he doesn’t want to see it.. haha #marriage.)

Looking back, I regret not taking better before images (and using my REAL camera, not my cellphone!) however, it never crossed my mind that maybe one day I would blogging about my office!! Or our landscape for that matter! So unfortunately they aren’t quality documented images but you will definitely still be able to see the progress and the changes that brought this room to life!! I’ve said before that it’s not just a “room” to me: it’s so much more than that!! It’s the biggest reminder to me that as I step into the room that this is all the Lord’s blessing and I’ll forever be thankful for it and for the joy that it brings me as the sunshine pours in through the windows as I’m sipping on my coffee!! Enjoy!!

Updated images by: Kristen Repasky <3

– – – – – – – – – – –

The very, very beginning of the KRP 2.0 office!! This was the previous owners ACTUAL bedroom!!


ta-daahhh!kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0002this was everything that I had stuffed at my other office .. lets call that KRP 1.0kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0003 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0004totally thrifted those chairs at a local re-use it, sanded/painted them, and DIY upholstered them. best $10 I’ve ever spent (minus the fabric and staple gun!)kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0005 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0006*all the white* <3kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0007 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0008finally incorporating new pieces of future.. surprise! they’re white.kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0009 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0010the dreadful process of painting the walls and the trim! kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0011 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0012out with the old….kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0013…and in with the new!kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0014 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0015 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0016“May this home be filled with the sound of laughter and giggles, friends new and old, sunshine and light, magical stories and tales, happy memories to treasure, family from near and far, fun and make believe, comfort and love, truth and honesty, fascinating ideas and conversation, hope and kindness, hugs and kisses.” <333kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0017kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0018 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0019 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0020 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0021 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0022 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0023 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0024kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0025 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0026 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0027 kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0028just *had* to incorporate a little fun too.. cause it’s donuts. and donuts are fun. kelsey_renee_photography_office_before_and_after_0029

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