There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Lords hand was in favor of Josh and Ellie’s wedding day in more ways than one. How is it possible to have a forecast the night before of 5 inches of rain and flash flooding turn into a zero inch rain day and have a fall-like temperature day!? If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought it was a Saturday in October! It was amazing!!! I’m so thankful for that!

Arriving at 5:30 a.m., the whole church was quiet and only a few people walked the halls prior to the hustle and bustle of the morning. As Ellie slipped into her beautiful lace dress the sun began to peeking through the windows, giving us the prettiest natural light to work with. As time quickly passed, it was time to see Josh for the first time of the day. They shared a quick moment together and to my surprise, I turned around and saw about 15 other people outside with us that didn’t make a sound the whole time! It was incredible!! Haha! One of my favorite parts of the day was the fact Josh couldn’t keep his eyes off Ellie and kept making the sweetest remarks about how beautiful she looked. I could’ve photographed them all day!! Once the ceremony was over, we all traveled 40 minutes to the reception where they were greeted for the first time as Mr & Mrs! I loved that Josh and Ellie spent part of their reception walking around table to table greeting their guests individually with soft music playing in the background and ended their incredible day with a bubble exit (and more bride and groom portraits.. WIN!).

Josh + Ellie, I’m so thankful and honored to have served you on the greatest day of your lives! I can’t wait to see where the lord leads you both, now and in the future! If you’re reading this.. I hope you’re enjoying Aruba and that you know juuust how jealous I am that you’re there! XO! – K

pa_wedding_photographer_0001 pa_wedding_photographer_0002 pa_wedding_photographer_0003 pa_wedding_photographer_0004 pa_wedding_photographer_0005 pa_wedding_photographer_0006 pa_wedding_photographer_0007 pa_wedding_photographer_0008 pa_wedding_photographer_0009 pa_wedding_photographer_0010 pa_wedding_photographer_0011 pa_wedding_photographer_0012 pa_wedding_photographer_0013 pa_wedding_photographer_0014 pa_wedding_photographer_0015 pa_wedding_photographer_0016 pa_wedding_photographer_0017 pa_wedding_photographer_0018 pa_wedding_photographer_0019 pa_wedding_photographer_0020 pa_wedding_photographer_0021 pa_wedding_photographer_0022<33333pa_wedding_photographer_0023 pa_wedding_photographer_0024pretty sure my jaw hit the floor and my eyes went “deer-in-the-headlights” when I saw this bouquet that Riverside Blooms created! pa_wedding_photographer_0025 pa_wedding_photographer_0026 pa_wedding_photographer_0027I completely understand why Josh kept staring at you… look at ya, Ellie!pa_wedding_photographer_0028 pa_wedding_photographer_0029 pa_wedding_photographer_0030 pa_wedding_photographer_0031 pa_wedding_photographer_0032 pa_wedding_photographer_0033 pa_wedding_photographer_0034 pa_wedding_photographer_0035 pa_wedding_photographer_0036 pa_wedding_photographer_0037 pa_wedding_photographer_0038#futureKRPcouple <3pa_wedding_photographer_0039 pa_wedding_photographer_0040 pa_wedding_photographer_0041 pa_wedding_photographer_0042 pa_wedding_photographer_0043this was them all day.. smiley and giggly and madly in love.pa_wedding_photographer_0044 pa_wedding_photographer_0045 pa_wedding_photographer_0046 pa_wedding_photographer_0047 pa_wedding_photographer_0048 pa_wedding_photographer_0049 pa_wedding_photographer_0050 pa_wedding_photographer_0051 pa_wedding_photographer_0052 pa_wedding_photographer_0053 pa_wedding_photographer_0054 pa_wedding_photographer_0055 pa_wedding_photographer_0056 pa_wedding_photographer_0057 pa_wedding_photographer_0058 pa_wedding_photographer_0059 pa_wedding_photographer_0060pa_wedding_photographer_0061 pa_wedding_photographer_0062 pa_wedding_photographer_0063 pa_wedding_photographer_0064 pa_wedding_photographer_0065now THAT’s a way to kiss a woman! pa_wedding_photographer_0066 pa_wedding_photographer_0067 pa_wedding_photographer_0068 pa_wedding_photographer_0069 pa_wedding_photographer_0070 pa_wedding_photographer_0071 pa_wedding_photographer_0072 pa_wedding_photographer_0073This makes up a big part of my heart.. I documented each and every one of their engagements and weddings and it’s such a blessing to know these people! It’s such a treat to see their families growing too!! So thankful for this job<3 pa_wedding_photographer_0074 pa_wedding_photographer_0075


Photographer – Kelsey Renee Photography

Second Shooter – Kendra Sakoian

Ceremony Venue – Mt. Vernon Christian Church

Reception Venue – The Eden Resort

Florist – Riverside Blooms (Marci Fellenbaum)

Catering – The Eden Resort

Brides Dress – SueAmes Bridal Outlet

Bridesmaids Dresses – Azazie

Groom/Groomsmen Attire – Men’s Warehouse

Stationary – Wedding Paper Divas

Hairstylist – Paige Troutman (friend of the bride)

Cake Artist – Oregon Dairy

Videographers – Mitch Stoltzfus and Jared Stoltzfus (Friends of the Bride)






  1. I adore these photographs of Ellie and Josh plus! Each photo is priceless and perfect. You are an incredible photographer that captures every moment so naturally. God has blessed you with such talent, and joy for your clients.

    1. Susan, Thank you SO much for your incredible compliment.. it means the world!! Josh + Ellie get the credit for planning such a beautiful wedding that was easy to photograph! :) Thanks so much for following along!! xo!
      – Kelsey

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