It was that one day trip that Jess took to visit her best friend Olivia in college where she first met Jake, who also attended the same school. “He was such a gentlemen and took genuine interest in everything I said when we would talk! I have no idea why Olivia never told me about him sooner!” Within a few months later, Jess found herself attending a formal dinner with Jake that was documented as their “first date”. Before asking Jess to be his girlfriend, it was a priority that Jake met her family. After he met her family and she met his, Jake planned a special beach date to officially ask her out and ended the evening watching the sunset!

Joining on his family’s traditional 4th of July vacation for the second year in a row, Jess was just enjoying being there to explore new areas for food, coffee and sightseeing. But little did she know that their beach tradition of 2017 was surely going to hold much stronger memories!

After a nice dinner with family, Jake planned for Jess, his brother and sister to all go to the beach to watch the sunset and have his sister “take photos of the two of them” (or so Jess thought). As they approached the beach, Jake pulled out a bracelet to throw Jess off, which did confuse her. But then he also pulled out 12 images that he printed and had written on the back of each one with what he likes about her with the last image being a photo of the ring box. As you can already predict, Jake got down on one knee and asked Jess to be his wife and as she says, “Of course I said Yes!”.

Jake + Jess, you both exude so much love and joy being together! It was such a treat to see a sneak peak into your relationship and the strong bond you have! Feeling so grateful to have met another amazing couple and life long friends! <3 Enjoy my favorites! *big hugs*

lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0001 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0002lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0003lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0004 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0006lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0007 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0008lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0010 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0012 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0013favssss <3lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0014 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0015 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0016 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0017 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0018 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0019 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0020these outfits made my heart burst with excitement.. SO CLASSY! <3lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0021 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0022 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0023 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0024 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0025 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0026 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0027 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0028 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0029 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0030 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0031 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0032 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0033 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0034 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0035 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0036 lindwood_estate_engagement_kelsey_renee_photography_0037

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