Dear Z,

You were the first to remind me this morning of our anniversary when you rolled over in bed, grabbed my head, kissed my forehead and whispered happy anniversary. Here we are, 3 years deep into marriage today. Who knew that a random annual cabin trip (that you *almost* didn’t come on) with my friends would be the start of our forever. From sheepishly exchanging “Hi” and “coincidentally” ending up beside each other in the same row of the suburban was enough to spark a flame. I’m so grateful that God brought you into my life as my best friend, shoulder to cry on, biggest supporter and number one fan.

As I look back over these last few years of being married, I wanted to highlight my favorite 3 memories/things of being together.

  1. The excitement we shared as we purchased our first house and made it our home and the looks of “is this really real?!” broadcasting across our faces. #adulting. I remember specially after arriving to the house for our first time after settlement, before anything else, you made sure your truck could fit into the garage. And you’re in by INCHES. haha

2. The time that I thought would be a great idea to go tenting for my birthday. In April. In the rain. In 30 degree weather. Being the incredible husband that you are, you agreed. After having a break from the rain, you started a fire for us to roast cheese and bologna over. However, I will never forget the look on your face or the tone of your voice as you gently, with a laughing smile said to me.. “We will probably never do this again.” Agreed.

3. That our idea of a date night doesn’t always have to mean spending money or doing something more extravagant. Tag-team mario cart, walks around the development, throwing football/frisbee golf, playing board games or just simply relaxing on the couch together talking are some of my favorite times spent with you.

There’s so many things that I could list that I also love about you as my husband and the many qualities you bring to the table to make this marriage work. Your determination, dedication and the biggest heart of all hearts are just some of my favorites. It’s so hard to believe we’ve been married almost as long as we’ve dated, if not longer. Through all of the frustrations and disagreements and the tickle fests and uncontrollable laughter, I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. As it’s written on our bedroom wall, “Just one lifetime wont be enough for us”. <3

Thank you for loving me, for trusting me and protecting me. For holding my hand in church and opening the doors for me. For finding ways to make me laugh constantly and being an incredible example of a Godly husband. And lastly, for making grocery shopping less dull and more into a scavenger hunt. Thankful it’s been 3 years but I’d be totally okay with 80 more! ;)

I love you.

xo, Your wife.

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