There’s always a first for everything and with today’s engagement post it’s a first: I’m photographing my first set of “sister weddings!” Back story; my sister and I got engaged 3 weeks apart and married 7 weeks apart all in the same year and everyone thought we were crazy (“our poor parents”..hah!!). So when Dorothy (remember them?) contacted me for her wedding photos, she mentioned her younger sister Gabby was also getting married that same year, just 4 weeks before her! It was so crazy that another family went through the same transition/wedding planning craziness like we did! And that brings to me today’s post, Dan + Gabbie’s Engagement!

It started with Dan’s Aunt, who was the choir director for their homeschooling event that made him participate in the class. Gabbie was also in that same choir class but it wasn’t until a particular softball season that things gained momentum. One day after church, a family friend pulled Gabbie aside and mentioned that she *thought* Dan liked Gabbie. After attending every softball game (which she claimed was because her brother was playing..haha!) she started going out to eat with the team afterwards. Finally having the courage to make a change, Gabbie messaged Dan which later turned into him asking her out!

Every Christmas, Dan’s family pulls names so they can focus on gifting that specific person a nice gift. They planned to go to the cabin in January and while making all the plans, they “forgot” about the gift exchange! She couldn’t understand why the family kept asking what they wanted to do next, as if they were bored. After making a decision to go on a hike, the whole family took off for the mountainside. They all made it to the top of the hill to catch their breath, but left Dan + Gabbie by themselves. Realizing that Dan was behind her without making a sound, she knew it was “the moment”. Afraid to turn around and mess anything up.. Dan stood beside her and told her, “you probably already figured out by now that I brought you here to ask you a more important question. Gabbie I love you very much..Will you marry me?”.  <3

Dan + Gabbie – thank you so much for the incredible opportunity to photograph you two! Your joy is contagious and it was the cutest thing to see you interacting with each other! Your wedding day is coming so soon and I cannot wait to see you guys as Husband and Wife!!! Enjoy some of my favorites! xo! – K

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