I can’t argue that meeting your future spouse through mutual friends is a bad idea (I can say that because that’s how I met Zach!) because that’s exactly how Adam + Megan met! While Megan was talking their mutual friend (that also knew Adam) at a bible study they attended, she remembered thinking to herself, “Man is his friend CUTE!!!”. After not seeing Adam much after that night, it was about a year later that she was reintroduced to him after mentioning to a friend, Jess, that she was ready to date. The crazy thing is that Adam ALSO told Jess that he was ready to date someone and if Jess knew of anybody. So it’s safe to say that Jess is the one to take credit for bringing Adam + Megan together!! ;)

Looking at engagement rings four weeks prior to the proposal was the perfect way to throw Megan off. Wanting to see her newly married brother/sister-in-laws house, Adam + Megan agreed to go there on Sunday. After a busy weekend, Adam insisted that Megan stayed home in the afternoon to “catch up on sleep”. So a little while later, Adam went to pick up Megan to head over to the house. In true girl fashion, they did a little house tour while the guys went outside ;). After finishing the tour, the girls headed outside to see Adam tucked in the corner of the yard surrounded by trees, candles, rose petals and homemade wooden letters that spelled, “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. After being so surprised and excited, her best friends jumped out of the bushes and started taking pictures of the whole thing!<3

Adam + Megan – I couldn’t have said YES quick enough when you asked me to be your wedding photographer! I’m so humbled to be entrusted to journey along and document your engagement and not soon enough, your wedding day!<3 Can we third-wheel more often? ;) Enjoy my favorites!! Xo!

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