You might be thinking, why would you ever show people these images??.  I think it’s important to not only always show the “always happy” and the “perfectly curated” aspects of life and business. So today, you’re getting a deep look at the VERY beginning of Kelsey Renee Photography!

To most people, January marks the start of New Year with new resolutions and goals that they’re looking forward to. For me, it adds another year of being in business making this January, year #6..  and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!!

With all of the beautiful Weddings and Engagements that have come my way, it’s allowed me to grow in so many ways over the years. I’ve learned to face fears with directing people in posing, how to edit my images to have correct skin tones, how to use natural light to create some of the most beautiful images etc…the list goes on and on. But let’s take a look at where everything STARTED..


  • I purchased my first camera off of my aunt for $400 dollars, with the knowledge of only using “Auto Setting”
  • sessions were $25. Yes you read that correctly!!!
  • the only lens I had was a completely manual lens.. meaning, I personally had to twist my lens to focus it!!!
  • I shadowed a photographer friend at 9 weddings BEFORE shooting my First solo wedding
  • my first wedding was only $400! However, It was my cousins wedding so it all worked out!

And of course it wouldn’t be the same without some embarrassing examples of my “skills” in 2011. You’re welcome. From 2011…

lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0002 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0003 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0004

first looks with blue editing and flash.. just how I like it. HA!lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0005 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0006 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0007 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0008 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0009 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0010

who’s signing up next for fish-eye bridal party photos?!?lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0011 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0012 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0014 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0015… to 2016..

lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0017 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0018 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0019 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0020 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0021 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0022 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0023 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0024 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0025 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0026 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0027 lancaster_pa_wedding_photographer_0028

In the end I really, truly wouldn’t be where I am without all of the amazing support from my Husband, my family and friends, the countless amazing clients that I’ve had the opportunity to document over the last 6 years and most importantly the abundant blessings and opportunities from the Lord. Here’s to growth, a brand new wedding season and better editing skills!;)






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